Monday, December 15, 2008

  • Let me stop and catch my breath.
  • Right.
  • I thought I would stop in for a short visit and let you know what I have been up to.
  • Xmas gift making is in high gear, which means no pictures.
  • It seems I finish most sewing projects around midnight these days. At that time I immediately wrap them up and don't even bother taking photo's.
  • The sun has forgotten to shine for me. And when it does I am working away from home.
  • Good news is that Friday is my last day and then I am off until Jan 5. Giddy up!
  • I can't decide what my first big sewing projects will be. My red and aqua quilt? My t-shirt project out of my Alabama Stitch book? Attempt clothing again?
  • A group of my girl friends decided to do a Christmas present swap and decided the gift had to be either free, thrifted, or handmade. I swear I didn't make the rules, but it works for me! And I got my handmade gift finished this evening. Two days ahead of schedule. :)
  • My family is visiting my house during the holidays and I am very excited about that.
  • Perfect excuse to make really delicious meals. Like peach pie and scones. Pair them with cherry chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk followed with a scoop of ice cream and I'll call that dinner.
  • I am 99% sure that I will be making prime rib for Christmas dinner. Christmas seems to be the odd holiday when it comes to the menu. I mean, Thanksgiving is always Turkey. Easter is always ham. What are your thoughts on this? What are you having for Christmas?


  1. My mom is doing beef wellington for Xmas. We always do something other than Turkey.

    I am also baking up a storm for Xmas gifts this weekend... loaves of bread and scones and other goodies to send out!

    p.s. I got your gift and i LOVE it thank you so much!!!

  2. My daughter and her friends (high school seniors) are exchanging handmade and/or thrifted this year. I was thrilled to hear such maturity from them.
    It seems that you are really organized for Christmas and I envy that. There's no telling what you'll accomplish while you're off!
    By the family is still turkey AND ham for Christmas.

  3. Me too! On the stop and take a breath thing. It's crazy around here!! Fabric flying everywhere and dreams of the next big project keeping me awake at night! It's all fun, though.

    Good luck with the visitors and enjoy your break.

    It's all about ham and scalloped potatoes for us this year! A local feast with my family. Yip, Yip!!

  4. We always have lasagna for Christmas (and no, we're not Italian!). I'm not sure why. It's the only time of the year I have lasagna, too. This year I'm hosting. I need to make the sauce this weekend.

  5. We've been doing a tenderloin for the past several Christmas' So very good. Hope your Christmas with your family is Wonderful!

  6. You are one busy gal!! Prime rib sounds great...we usually do a ham for Christmas, mostly because ham leftovers are so nice to have around when the kids are off school.

    Can't wait to get my little pincushion--I'm a lucky gal!! lol

    Merry Christmas!
    Smiles, Karen

  7. I know you have already decided and I am late to the party, but we are doing pork loin for Christmas this year.

  8. We always do a beef roast in honor of Dr Seuss and refer to it only as roast beast. Yum!


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