Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last post for 2008!

It will be a quiet evening in our household tonight. Currently we are filling our very large tub for a relaxing soak, followed by a movie and chocolate covered pretzels, and then we'll kiss into the New Year. Can you tell we don't have kids? :) Anyways, I snapped a photo of my air layering project. After my Mom and I completed surgery on this plant we realized we should have done the rooting higher up. I may have to top this sucker. However, I am not sure how the plant will rebound. Does anyone have a similar experience with this type of plant?

(Hello. I now have a coconut!)

Also, in case anyone is interested I have an Etsy Treasury currently up! I choose an assortment of wonderful linen made items. If I could ever figure out how to save my screen you'd have a picture of the yummy linens, but a link will have to do:

Have a safe and happy New Year!

PS. Go Penn State!

By the way. What's the proper way to write a post script? P.S. or PS or PS. or Ps. or P.S.- or ps ????

Oh, and one more thing. You still have a few more hours to sign up for the 2009 Calendar Give-a-way! Go to this post and comment!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to bring in the new year! We had dinner with family, lounged around and then went to bed before midnight. Can you tell we do have a kid? :)

  2. We dragged our kid to a bonfire with a bunch of happy drunks:) Kids are cool!

  3. To take a screen shot...Hit the "print screen" key, go into your Microsoft Accessories and open the Paint program. Got to the Edit "paste."

    It should show a copy of your screen-printed page...then you save it like you would any picture file.

    Hope that helps.


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