Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 8 of Christmas Vacation

Remember just two weeks ago I was looking forward to spending some much needed time with my sewing machine to finish/start some projects? Well, I haven't touch my machine since I've been on vacation. What kind of sorry sewing sap am I? Nonetheless, I have been spending some time with my house plants. I finally got around to making some felt coasters for all my indoor pots. I just used a thick cream colored felted sweater from my stash and cut out circles (as seen above).

My Mom also helped me in trying to save this crazy tall, lanky palm plant. I rescued this plant when it was just 6'' tall from the $.50 Wal-mart plant clearance display. And now it's towering over 6 feet. But you can definitely tell its history from its stem. Times of darkened apartments during/after college are evident by a wonky slimmer trunk, and more fruitful years by its top heaviness. So we tried a propagation method called Air Layering. I'll keep you updated.

I also set up a natural light stand for my indoor plants. I found this microwave cart on the curb this summer. The lights that are attached are full spectrum lights so it mimics natural sunlight allowing the plants to fully complete photosynthesis from artificial means. I moved my still living rosemary plant near by and I have hopes to plant some cilantro and basil in small plants to see what they do. I recently watched a PBS gardening show where one women has a similar set up and does many seeded plantings of basil. She said the basil won't get full and robust as it does outside in the summer, but she picks the seedlings and uses them in her winter cooking. I also found 10 Paper White bulbs on clearance at Lowes for $2 that I planted yesterday.

Here's a look at our Fraiser Fur Christmas tree this year. I better put a Christmas tree skirt on my to-do list. I really love this one made by Amanda. You can see what it looks like under her tree here.

Someone please send me some sewing mojo, would you please? :)


  1. Hi LeeAnn, please do keep us updated on your air layering. I'd love to try that on a couple of my plants sometime. Right now I'm in need of some malathion to get rid of some pesky gnats in my plants who I'm sure have stunted the growth of several plants. Anyway, breath in when you read this last part, here's some sewing mojo for you!

  2. Hey, you're getting stuff done, that's what matters. Your tree looks great!

  3. I seem to be fresh out of mojo of any sort myself. I had a whole list of things to make on my days off and what did I make? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. :) Here's to relaxing and doing nothing!


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