Monday, August 4, 2008


Can you believe every battery in the house is dead? I have two chargers working overtime just so I can get a pair of AA's in working order to download pictures from the camera.

But as I sifted through 1200 new blog posts, I noticed that there were quite a few crafty give-a-ways going on. Here's a review. Enter away!

Bee Square Blog- Mistake Mondays!

CraftyPod- offering up a handmade futuregirl crochet bird bag!

Tula Pink- a new bag and charm pack of her new fabric line Nest!

Indie-Pendence- July edition of Swag-a-Licious. Very nice indeed.

Piece of Mind- super cute handmade greeting cards!

Simply Green- you know those celebrity gift bags they get for attending fancy shows... ya... you could have your own.

Craft Apple- Brand new, fresh from the publishers Tiny Yarn Animals book by Tammie Snow.

**Edit/ Addition** Wee Wonderfuls- Winners choice!

And there will be a few give-a-ways right here throughout the month of August! So check back soon! (This might have something to do with the cleaning of the sewing room this weekend. Just maybe.)


  1. A whole-lotta give-aways! Wheeeeee! Gonna go check them out. :) Your name is entered in my draw, Roxanne!

  2. Hi Leann,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I have enjoyed reading your blog. What a wonderful vacation you just had! I work in a University Study Abroad Office and I am always encouraging students to go to places off the beaten path. That's a bummer about the luggage, however.
    Also, thanks for the list of bloggy giveaways.
    Have a great day!

    Sarah :)


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