Saturday, April 12, 2008

A little sunshine keeps me away!

Compound work, weaning myself from the internet, and not being in a show and tell mood I shouldn't have been surprised my last post was two weeks ago. Plus, I am a foul weather sewer. Meaning winter months and rainy days are superb days to find me in my sewing room. And we have been having fabulous weather here in south central PA. Just sunny and fabulous. They say today it's suppose to be 40 and rainy, but this morning I am sitting outside on my patio in the sun.

Last night Jeff and I went out to eat at Olive Garden. Before I was even home I could tell my head wasn't feeling right. I am not sure if the food was the blame, but I had the worst migraine to date with symptoms that include severe upset stomach. Jeff fed me pills and laid in bed with me until I was asleep early in the evening. Which meant I woke up early this morning (with minimal pain) and read through the hundreds of blog posts that accumulated for 12 days with Critter laying across my lap acting in place of a heating pad. I just love that cat!

I also had the opportunity to load a few vintage finds into my Etsy store. A few weeks ago several 1950's-1960's vintage patterns came into my possession. Hopefully, I priced them to move and some happy seamstress will finally turn these never been used patterns into a fabulous garment. If they don't sell, then I can think of a few projects for the fabulous illustrations to decorate my sewing room.
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Vogue Couturier Design No. 884, 1955. Size 16. Bust 34''. Hip 37''. This pattern shocked me when I did a Google search. I only found one other and the price they had it listed for seemed a bit much. Who knows? Maybe it is worth 3 digits and if so, someone is getting a great deal through me! The pattern also includes a tag to sew in your finished garment!

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This dress was designed by the late Hannah Troy. If you wear Petite sizes you have this women to thank. In the 1940's she realized most women didn't fit properly into standard, long waisted sizes available at the time. (Smart woman.) And by the 1950's she made the petite sizing and the modern Italian styling popular in the US. I love the dreamy look of the women in the green dress. I wish I could find those patent leather kelly green pumps she is wearing! Anyways, McCalls 5178 Size 16P. Bust 36''. 1959.

(Click photo... you know the drill.)
I made this pincushion a few weeks ago, but only got around to listing it today. I am going to throw in a little treat for my blog readers. If you buy this pincushion, just mention in the 'note to seller' you saw it here and I'll fill the jar with some red and aqua crafting inspiration. How's that sound?

So, all of these are currently listed. I have 5 more to go (which will take some time). Then I can clean my sewing room. I seriously have a hard time opening the door now. Then maybe, if it is raining, I can sew. :)

PS. Sometime later I have a bunch of fun mail to share too!


  1. Such cute patterns!! I love vintage patterns. If these were just a smidge smaller I would have probably bought them all! And used them!

  2. Aw, I hope you're feeling better soon. I've had migraines and they are awful. I'll be thinkin' of ya!

    : )

    Lovely stuff for the shop - that is a really pretty dress pattern. I wish I had a fancy place to wear something like that!

  3. Sorry to hear about the headache--I used to get migraines and know how horrible they are. Love those vintage patterns! And your pincushion/jars are so very cute too!
    Smiles, Karen

  4. those patterns are fabulous! :) i am in LOVE with your pincushion jar too. What a FABULOUS idea!!! I absolutely love it. :)


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