Monday, December 31, 2007

Boy Bot Ball

Another Xmas gift make for our 18 month nephew. Using some recycled denim, vintage trim, and felt gifted to me from Jenn I made up this soft, but firm fabric ball.
The trim is only attached at the seams so he can get his little fingers underneath it.

The robot is flying through the air! Weeee!

Perfect application of rick rack for little boys.

Pictures were taken (on grandma's sofa at night!) after he had opened it up and it was played with by children and adults alike. I need to make more of these.

Ok, I am getting the whip cracked at me. I better be off. It's car maintenance day.


  1. Cute! The robot is great. I made my baby girl a grab ball for Xmas, but it's been a big hit with Dad and the big sister too.

  2. A very grown up friend of mine would love this.

  3. You're a clever mint basil, you are!


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