Monday, October 15, 2007

Swapping Goodness Style

This is a long over due post. It all started back in August... when Rebecca asked me if I would like to do a personal swap with her. Of course I said yes, but immediately after I agreed I got notice of my new job and long story short it's now the middle of October and I am posting pictures of my loot.
She sent me a whole tin full of sewing goodies that included buttons, trims, zippers, and fabrics. She made me a pink and brown button ring, felt blue and brown flower napkin rings, and a crochet tea cup. I have to really admire knitters and crocheters. You are a special group of people that spend a lot of time creating wonderful things. She also made me a mini pin cushion in a white porcelain basket and the 'star' paper flower pin.

I regret that I had to abandoned most of you in reading all your blogging posts and reset the counter. While I love Google Reader, after being gone for so long and accumulating over 800 unread posts I had to call it quits sometime. Last night I set all blogs to 'read' and I start anew today. Hopefully, I will have more time to note back. And, of course, maybe sew something.

If you want to check out my end of the swapping bargain click here.


  1. Oh I know how overwhelming unread posts can be! Heres to a fresh start of enjoyable blog reading!

  2. Welcome back. :) Looks like you got some great loot!

  3. So glad you're back! I'm glad you liked your swap, I figured you could turn the sewing bits and bobs into works of art. :)

    thanks for a fabulous swap! Let's do it again sometime :)

  4. What fun! And, of course, you sent her wonderful goodies too. I know - I'm still enjoying the ones you sent me.

  5. wow great swap! Looks like some wonderful things in there!

  6. Oooh, what a wonderful gift!!

    RYC: If you are baking, do you eat what you bake? I suppose exercising to make up for all the baking would be a great way to pass the time too! ;)


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