Thursday, September 20, 2007

Long time, eh.

So, ya. I've been busy. Very busy. I can't even catch up on all my blog reading. I am using my work computer and 1) I shouldn't really use my work computer for personal use and 2) the browser doesn't work well with reader so I can't view any new postings. (It's going to take me a month to catch up on everyone!)

I leave Chicago tomorrow and I am so excited to get home. But there is no rest for the weary. We have to move 20 minutes north next week. (Along with updating all the address change info, we are getting new cell phone numbers, setting up utilities, I have to find a used washer and dryer, and I am training out on the road with a trainer each day.) Then the 30th, which is also our 1st year wedding anniversary, I fly back to Chicago. :( To make up for the missed anniversary celebration, we are planning a fantastic weekend in Washington DC the second weekend in October. I can't wait till I get a normal schedule back.

Remember all that linen I brought with me? I didn't touch it once. Figures. If I didn't bring it I would have probably had the time.

Jeff did come and visit me last weekend and we had a fabulous time in downtown Chicago (minus all the parking costs.) Saturday we arrived downtown around 11am and didn't leave until 1am. We visited Millennium Park, found a Celtic Festival, watched a strong man competition, found ice cream cones and sat by a beautiful fountain, walked along the beach, discovered the Aquarium but didn't stay because we were not paying $23 each to see fish, had dinner downtown and saw the Blue Man Group. We slept in on Sunday.

I will be trying my best to make a 6:50 flight tomorrow evening but I am being bussed to the airport with 15 other people. I hope they have their game faces on because if they are late, I have to wait until after 10 to fly out.

I am so ready to be home!


  1. Sounds like you packed an awful lot into your Saturday in Chicago! Wow! I'm glad Jeff could make it in to visit you. :) Good luck making the flight tonight!

  2. I do hope you're finding time to breathe, as it sounds like there may not be much room for it!

  3. I hope you made it back Friday evening on the 6:50 flight. I could hear the longing for home in your voice! You have been busy for sure! And you're right about the linen - had you not taken it you would have wished you had. Hope things get settled down for you soon!

  4. Remember to take time to breathe--if you can fit in in your busy schedule! lol I feel for you!
    Smiles, Karen


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