Sunday, August 19, 2007

Vintage Fabrics

I have had the most wonderful fabrics cross my path lately. And in large quantities. In fact, I washed them all up this week and wondered what I was going to sew with all of it. I know some people have had great success with selling vintage fabrics on Etsy, so I thought I would give it a try.

In between baking batches of chocolate chip cookies, I loaded these 3 fabrics in my shop.

This is a heavyweight cotton. Very vibrant colors. I am keeping a small portion for myself, but don't see myself using the mass I acquired. 4 yards available.

I think I showed this one before. As I dug through a second box I discovered several more yards! The possibilities are endless with this one. 4 yards available.

And finally a gorgeous yellow striped sea sucker fabric. I am keeping three yards to use as backs to future baby blankets, but you really couldn't get a more cheerful yellow. 4 yards available.

And lastly, I have to share a recent thrifting find. Awhile ago, I saw these hand pieced semi-circles at a vintage quilting store. This past Friday I returned to see what inspiration I could find and was immediately hit with an idea on how to use them. So this is my current work in progress.

In fact, I am going to start right now on it!


  1. What wonderful finds. I can't wait to see what you do with the semi-circles.

  2. Oh what lovely finds - I am especially in love with the alphabet and toys one.

    And those semi-circles are great. I'm assuming they were for a double wedding ring quilt - can't wait to see what you do with them...

  3. I'm lovin' all of those colors in your semi-circles. Be sure to update us on the wip.

  4. I was going to say that it looks like the semi-circles were going to be part of a double wedding ring quilt....guess I am not the only one who thought that. :)

  5. I'm drooling over all that vintage fabric! You're lucky to get so much yardage. Oh, and I feel your printer woes, too. Those ink cartridges are the bane of my existence.

  6. Hey! I see you are in to share where you thrift? A vintage quilting store? Do tell...:) I'm new here you know, I need a thrifty fix!

  7. Oh I REALLY hope the green doesn't sell before I can buy it up!!! I want to make a sling and carrier from it SO badly!!! You have the best luck with vintage. Lucky girl.

  8. I just had a blast from the past...I had those Raggedy Ann and Andy sheets on my bed when I was little. ( I used to love the little duck pictured with the D) I still have my Raggedy Ann but as far as I know the sheets must be long gone. Thanks for the memory.


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