Friday, August 24, 2007

Preparing for travel

I was busy studying and sewing yesterday. Giving each side of my brain equal workouts. Since I will be leaving town for a few weeks, I needed to make some travel zippy pouches to store my goods during transport. I made the following pouch to store my embroidery materials.

You've seen this before but with the Sparrows fabric. This time I went with an Amy Butler print. I just found that white necklace at the thrift store. It is has 1'' white, oval glass (or maybe porcelain) beads. Once I restring it to a 16'' length, I plan to wear it with some of my work outfits as an alternative to pearls. The pouch is also sitting on an afghan found in an attic. I washed it, but it's still dingy. I would like to dye it a dark chocolate brown, but I never dyed anything before. I know some people use their washers, but does that stain the white enamel on the inside basin? It would be nice to redye my blacks black again too. Any words of wisdom on dyeing fabrics?

I also added a pocket to each side. Maybe I should have added a button and loop closure or something. I didn't have any zippers to use on the inside that matched the fabric so it stayed open.

I'd like to make a few more pouches to store my cosmetics. I looked briefly around my JoAnn's to find some sort of workable vinyl to line the inside, but couldn't find anything but the thick table cloth stuff. I want to make a pouch that will hold my full size shampoo and conditioner bottles and a smaller bag to replace the free Clinique bag I have been using for my makeup. Has anyone seen a more flexible, cloth-like vinyl out there?

Also, I will be temporarily closing my Etsy Shop while I am away. It would be a fruitless effort on my part to try to get my husband to improve his wrapping and writing skills, so my shop will be closed from Sept 3rd (any orders placed on the 3rd will be shipped on the 4th) and reopening Wednesday, Oct 10th. Hopefully, I will have many more cute embroidered items to add.

In addition to finishing the zipper pouch, I finished up the muslin sewing pattern I made and cut out all the pieces. I would like to have that finished before I leave so I can take it with me. This all depends on how many times I have to rip it apart from sewing curves.


  1. Love the patterns, have a good trip and a safe journey :)

  2. I love it!
    There's a tutorial somewhere on putting a zipper into an inside pocket.

  3. I love your pouch and the white beads are really nice, too. That will be a nice alternative to pearls.

    Have a safe trip!

  4. No, dye will not harm your washer, but be sure to run a cycle empty or with similar colored items for the very next load - sometimes a bit of the dye water might be left behind to stain something else.

    Black is a difficult color - ask me how I know :-( Dharma Trading Company has great dyes and tutorials online.

    Good luck, and post pictures!

  5. Joanns has an iron-on vinyl that is flexible. They keep it with the interfacing by the yard stuff. I love the travel bag. My embroidery stuff is in a zip-loc. Not very crafty of me!!! Vicki at

  6. Dharma. Yes. Or Procion. Rit = No.
    ReTayne. Synthrapol.
    Rubber gloves.
    (All of the above refers to cotton fiber. Except rubber gloves and outside. Those are a pretty safe bet for anything.)

  7. Your sewing talent just brings tears to my eyes. Could I just get you to top stitch everything for me? You do it so very well.

  8. Your bag came out great, I love the color combo. Send me sewing skills ju-ju would you please?

    Have a fab trip and keep us in the loop! ;)

  9. What a beautiful pouch. Enjoy your trip.

  10. Such a great pouch- you have such a great way about making everything you so look so professional! I am always amazed.

  11. I just love it!!! You do great work!!!

  12. Love it, love it, love it. And the earlier posted Sparrow one, too. Just adorable!


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