Sunday, July 8, 2007

I don't think I ever showed you my little zen rock sculpture I piled together for my little container garden. I rearrange them at will. They are so smooth and curvy you just can't help but pet them. I am so bummed about the current status of my garden. After we returned from our extended fourth of July trip I found most of my herbs didn't make it. The picture above was from early this summer. Seeds hadn't even started to emerge. The sad thing is my garden still looks this way except dead herb plants are in some of the containers. Good think I have a back up supply at the parents farm. Rule #1- Always have a backup plan. Check.

I have my black bird purse slated to be back on the sewing table soon. I thought of a better way to do the handles. This is all a learning processes. You got to crawl before you can walk they say. I have also been very productive with filling up my idea book. I am having more inspiring moments than time to complete projects. I like that my idea book is filling up. I try and date my thoughts since sometimes they are so sporadic. Maybe when I have nothing better to do I will graph which months and days are the most idea productive times. Then again, maybe not.

I completed a 20 mile bike trip this afternoon. Towards the end of the ride when my legs (and butt) were complaining I couldn't stop making a morph song out of Queens "Fat Bottom Girls" and "Bicycle" tunes. I won't be too upset tomorrow if I am too sore to play Ultimate Frisbee. I need to straighten out my sewing area. I have 6 boxes of new hand-me-down supplies to find space for. I was able to fill up my "Swap what you have" box for my partner, Anina, and put it in the mail today. I still need to finish up my Yellow and Orange swap package but it is coming along nicely. Swaps are fun!


  1. Ultimate Frisbee?! Good grief, that's way too high energy for me. I prefer to watch the Tour de France and live vicariously.

  2. My what a busy bee you are! Bummer about the herbs.

  3. Holy cow, 20 miles? I don't think I'd be able to walk!!
    I love your plant in the collander - I almost bought a new collander this weekend :)


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