Monday, March 12, 2007

New inspiration

Last week I was running my errands and a thrift store was on my way. I said "why not?" and stopped in for a brief visit. And I am glad I did because I found the cutest metal hutch for sale. Awful color, but that's why us thrifters are blessed with seeing potential!

It cleaned up quite nicely. Before it was a mustard-y/green. But the mustard must have been nicotine because now its a faded sage green with a hint of yellow. The color still doesn't do anything for me, so I am considering a deep red. But alas, we are still renting and the remodel will have to wait until we have a well ventilated space. Until then it is sitting in our mishmash mess of a living room. Which is OK because we are living like college students until we purchase a house. No sense buying furniture that won't match or fit into a new home! And in case you are wondering the milk crates are stacked and acting as end tables. :p

But it fits all my crafting supplies and fabric. It's fulfilling its purpose and that is a good thing.

This weekend I also picked up the book Sew U by Wendy Mullin with Eviana Hartman. It's the basic "how to sew clothing" book I have been craving. I finally understand how to read a pattern. It is not Greek! And understanding the basics of how fabric acts on the bias, weft, warp, etc... was a great for me. I mean I knew all the terms, but not what they really implied. Oh, and how to finish an edge. I never made garments before because I don't like unfinished edges and I don't have a serger. This book shows three different alternatives.

I can't wait to get started. Also while thrifting I picked up this ugly styled house dress with the most beautiful black and white print for $2. It's a few sizes too big for me, but a perfect item to try and refashion into something I would wear. I love the challenge of it! It's actually a hand-made item too. But the fabric is quite thin and it I wore any underwear you'd see it. So I also must make a lining for it or buy a slip. I haven't worn a slip since I was 6.

Once I refashion the item I'll show before and after pictures. It's a beautiful day today and plan on spending most of it outside!

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  1. Oh wow, that cabinet is awesome! What a lucky find!!!
    Good luck refashioning the house coat. I probably would have cut it up to make something entirely different.


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