Monday, March 5, 2007

Eye Candy

There was suppose to be a large rummage sale downtown this weekend or at least that's what my new city's calendar of events said. I got up early Saturday morning and set off only to find a very empty downtown. After some investigating I found out that the building where it was suppose to be held had a fire a few months ago and they canceled the event.

Since I was downtown I made the best use of my time and visited a few thrift shops. I am now going to visit the World Treasures Thrift Shop for any and all sewing supplies. The box of crochet thread immediately caught my attention. So beautiful in its own right. Not that I crochet, but maybe I will just keep them bundled up and continue to admire them. They also had a box of zippers and sewing notions for $.10 each! One of my bullet points on my to-learn-to-do list is sew in a zipper. Now I need to order the zipper foot for my machine. I found it on eBay.

And at the GoodWill a few blocks away (where they have the best clothing you would actually wear yourself) I found the most amazing kelly green linen table cloth with 6 matching napkins. It's a dream come true. It's a little too big for our current table but would fit nicely on a buffet or a picnic table. Bring on the warmer weather! And I also added to my collection of bedsheets to use as quilt backings.

The lovely sun shiny daisy sheet was still in its original packaging of 25+ years. When I opened it up at home an overwhelming smell of gaseous plastic filled the air and it was promptly put in the washer. Jeff seems to think I contaminated our home with asbestos.

And while browsing the racks for cashmere and wool sweaters I glanced over to the skirt rack and saw this beauty. My immediate thought was to turn it into an apron. The pattern is screen printed on and I thought it was rather Russian-esk. Turns out my hunch was correct because it was made in the Ukraine. Close enough. The kicker of it all is that it fits me. Maybe I'll keep it and wear it as a skirt.

Now I need to buckle down and finish a few of the projects that are taking up much needed space in my sewing space but I wanted to share my great thrifting finds from this weekend.


  1. Our general thrift stores never have any real good finds in them (except the occational old board game with cool pieces). We do, however, have a ton of more specialized thrift stores/exchanges, which are slightly more expensive but offer awesome finds. Yay, college town!

    Maybe it's not the general thrift stores. Maybe it's me. My thrift-shopping-fu, it is weak. :( Not yours, however- congrats on the great finds.

  2. Oh my goodness! Do you also love thrifting? I do! I get all of my clothes at thrift stores and it is wonderful because that way... I never look like anyone else.

    I loved seeing your great thrift finds! I hope you will post more!

  3. WOwZA!! What a haul, LeeAnn!!!! I'm soooooooooooooo Jealous!

    So glad you decided to join the swap with us!! Looking forward to a great time and some happy mail coming to all of us!



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