Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Recent sewing projects

I have this love/hate relationship with sewing sometimes. Three years ago, I was at my sewing machine every night. And then work got hectic and things got more serious with the boyfriend (now husband!) and I stopped sewing.

But I suppose my new unemployment status has changed things a bit. The sewing machine's new home is at my once very cluttered home office desk. It certainly is a new change not having business plans, market reports, orders, and lists cluttering my space. Now there is a lot of thread bits and fuzzies everywhere. But when inspiration hits you run with it. And when we finally purchase a home (instead of renting) I will turn into crazy curtain making wifey.

I want to hone my sewing skills and I decided to step away from straight lines and 2D projects and try something new. I wanted to learn how to construct a 3D object. I want to get some new feet for my sewing machine so I can add bias stripping without all the hassle and I want to sew in a zipper. Simple things, but you need to start somewhere, right?

My first lesson was to learn how to make a lining. I choose to make a purse and used Amy Butler's "Swing Bag". Directions were very easy to follow and I made this bag in an evening sitting. I was happy with my sewing skills, but in the future if I made this again, I would make some minor changes to the pattern.

These flowers are also from Amy Butler Pattern found in the "Madison Bags" Pattern. I had alot of fun making these.

My most recent adventure was to construct a purse using fusible interfacing to give it support and structure. I used Amy Butlers "Uptown Handbag" pattern. With this pattern I learned how to use a new sewing product and to construct a bag with a bottom. I was not in the right mindset when I started sewing this bag. I could not follow directions to save my life and had to rip out many seams. And when I finally had everything pieced together my sewing machine gave me a lot of hardship in making the final top stitch around the top of the bag. And the lining is very loose inside. I don't like that at all. But here it is. I still want to try to redo the top stitching. This time around I will pin the lining at the bottom of the bag so not to get any unwanted puckers at the top.

I used a solid for the outside because I knew with a pattern you would see my mistakes more easily. However, I am not totally put off by this bag. The "Downtown Purse" is more practical for my everyday use, so I plan on making that in the future. I just need to right fabric.


  1. Nice bags! I love Amy Butler patterns.

  2. I love the fabric/color combination you used for the swing bag. It's beautiful. :)


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