Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fabric Document Holder

Part two of bridal shower presents:

Along with the cashmere pillow I also made this fabric document folder. It's purpose is to be an elegant way to present the botanical prints I found a few weeks ago. Since she has her BS in Horticulture I thought a "hort-couture" theme is the way to go. I am heading there anyways!

The pink floral fabric is from the new Heather Bailey fabric line of FreshCut. So pretty. I walked into the store and the delivery man just dropped it off. They just put the price tag on when I made my purchase.

On to the apron now.

BTW: I made the mistake of looking at new sewing machines when I was at the fabric shop. Now I am not happy with what I have! ***I really do love the very FREE machine I am currently using*** It is FREE afterall.


  1. You have some very pretty projects over here! And don't get me started on new sewing machines!!! I, also, love my old (free) machine.....but I get looking in the stores and I just start to drool! But they really are so expensive...and mine does work just fine....sigh


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